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FloridaMan Diplomacy

Welcome to the home of FloridaMan Diplomacy, home of (almost) all of my Diplomacy content.

War in the Americas Diplomacy Variant: United States Strategy

This is a guest post written by Badger1991 and Ottoploy. OVERVIEW             Playing the United States presents a mix of opportunities and challenges. First, the positives. The United States, like Brazil also with four and Great Britain with five, starts with four units versus the typical three that the seven remaining players have. Moreover, there…

War in the Americas Diplomacy Variant: Overall Strategy Paper

This is a guest post written jointly by Badger1991 and Ottoploy.             For folks who started playing Diplomacy decades ago, some of the early indoctrinations to strategy came from articles written by sage players discussing how best to approach the game. These articles included analysis of potential opening moves for each country along with a…

Review of The Art of the Stab

Hi folks, FloridaMan here! I’m bringing you a review of what is, as far as I know, the world’s first and only Diplomacy novel. It’s a book called The Art of the Stab, by R. Jamie Langa, and the author was kind enough to send me a review copy, despite the fact that the author…

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