Empires of Versailles After Action Report

This after action report is of a game I played on the Versailles map. This game was especially variant from the standard game, since not only was it on a different map, but it was also played under the “Age of Empires” rule set. The Age of Empires rules are meant to simulate a timeContinue reading “Empires of Versailles After Action Report”

Which Diplomacy Power is Best?

In theory, the game of Diplomacy is balanced. Seven countries, in seven unique but equal positions. The three Western powers counter and check each other, the three Eastern powers do the same in their sphere, and Italy exists to set the wheels spinning. Perfectly, balanced, as all things should be. In practice, though, we allContinue reading “Which Diplomacy Power is Best?”

Strategic Maxims: The Supreme Art of War is to Subdue the Enemy without Fighting

Today I’m bringing you a Strategic Maxims post based on the Sun Tzu expression, “The Supreme Art of War is to Subdue the Enemy without Fighting.” There are many ways to subdue the enemies that surround you in Diplomacy without fighting them. By subduing them, I mean bending them to your will without having toContinue reading “Strategic Maxims: The Supreme Art of War is to Subdue the Enemy without Fighting”

Diplowar After Action Report

Here are my recollections of a game I played on the PlayDiplomacy website ending around the New Year 2017. The game was called Diplowar, and I played as Austria. When I start a game of Diplomacy, I begin by reaching out to every power great and small. That’s probably a big secret to my successContinue reading “Diplowar After Action Report”

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